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General Information

Blackmores Cold Shield Nasal Spray is a non-drowsy nasal spray that starts to create a gel from 3 minutes.
Blackmores Cold Shield Nasal Spray is a powdered nasal spray that turns into a gel in the nose creating a barrier to shield and protect from airborne germs. Blackmores Cold Shield Nasal Spray starts to protect from 3 minutes and is a non-drowsy formula.
Boxed Contents: Spray
Size: 800mg

Key Features

– Non-drowsy
– Starts to create a gel from 3 minutes
– Clinically trialled (Hiltunen R, et al. Adv Ther 2007; 24: 1144-50)


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) powder
95%, peppermint powder 2%, garlic powder 3%.


For maximum efficacy, it is necessary to maintain a constant layer of gel across the lining of the
nose. After blowing the nose therefore, it is necessary to re-administer Cold Shield Nasal
Spray to renew the barrier. The usual dose is one puff of powder up each nostril three times a day, administering more frequently or taking the two puffs per nostril, use as often as required.

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